Our group of six could not be more happy with the cycling and touring experience you provided for us recently. The Trail itself provides a wonderful ride, and the scenery, towns and history that go with it are fascinating. Accommodation was just right for needs. What stood out for us was the way our group was looked after. Four of us are in our 70’s and were undertaking our first cycling tour ever. You catered for us superbly. You lived up to the motto you spelled out on the first day, “Nothing is a problem”. So when it all proved too much for three of our group on the second day, you came promptly and transported them to the motel for that night. The advice you gave about making the most of each day was very helpful, and in general being in touch with you at the beginning and end of each day is a great idea. So thank you for making it such a wonderful break for us.
MIchael Gray. April 2014

Hi Mark

“Thanks also for your help arranging and during our ride – we enjoyed it immensely and the service you delivered was exceptional, above and beyond anything we have experienced before. The bikes were in great order and we had no problems at all. Our ride was a most pleasant and enjoyable experience and we will wholeheartedly recommend you and your service to all.

Thanks again!”

Cheers Beth and Marty QLD August 2012

Hi Mark,

“Thanks again for such a wonderful experience. It could not have been any better for us & the assistance you gave us was greatly appreciated by all of us”.

Thank you very much again,

Karen & Ian QLD September 2012

“I have had on two occasions over the past year needed the services of Mark at Rail Trail Bike Tours, and have found their services to be a most useful and a reliable addition to the overall Great Victorian Rail Trail Experience. Whether you are a hard core rail trail rider or a weekend rider, Rail Trail Bike Tours can make what might seem impossible, very possible.”

“On the first occasion early in the year, I was attempting to complete the trail in both directions over four days, carrying all my overnight gear with me…(approx 266km), although the experience was most satisfying and challenging on the last leg of the return trip in Yea , I was exhausted, wet and cold and decided it was time to pack up my saddle bags (panniers) and head off home….but how??? Fortunately the local bakery was most helpful and told me about Mark and Rail Trail Bike Tours, one phone call and 20mins later he was there, my Knight in shinning armour to pick up me my bike and panniers and deliver me to my car in Tallarook…what a god send that was!!”

“The second occasion was a very different one, having done the trail the hard way I decided I wanted to bring a group of six of my friends up and only do the trip one way, once again Rail Trail Bike Tours made this all possible.

“I would highly recommend Mark and Rail Trail Bike Tours if you are planning on doing the Great Victorian Rail Trail; he is a font of information and is a definite must as a point of contact for back up pick up service or delivery to the start point of your riding experience in the area.”

Georgie J – October 2012