As a passionate mountain bike rider with a long history in civil construction and earthworks I have come to realise that I have the skills and experience to provide a custom trail building service to the Western Australian community. With my 1.8t Komatsu excavator, hand tools and a creative imagination I will work with the landscape to create trails that maximise fun whilst minimising impact on the environment.  I can work to plans under direction or work dynamically with the landscape to create the ideal trail.I can perform trail maintenance or build new trails in various terrains for mountain biking and hiking. My focus for mountain bike trails is on single track construction including jumps, berms, logovers and pump tracks.  For hikers I can create safe paths through challenging landscapes.I aim to provide a professional service to state and local governments, clubs, community groups and landowners in Perth and the South West Region.­­­­­­­­

Loztrails Environmental Management Overview

As I intend to work within our amazing and delicate ecosystem I wish to assure prospective clients that I am aware of the subsequent risks to the environment and that I will always act to mitigate them.  Some risks to be considered are erosion, bushfires, the spread of dieback, weed hygiene, vegetation disturbance approvals and controls and specific requirements for specific areas such as native title. I have an Environmental Management Plan which covers all standard operations, and can prepare specific project environmental plans if required.

Founders Personal Experiences

My practical experience in mobile plant operation in various roles throughout W.A over the last two decades is wide ranging allowing me a broad understanding of how things work in our environment, geologically and ecologically.  I have worked in many sectors including earthmoving, civil construction, road works and railway building and am aware of the associated environmental risks and requirements when breaking ground.  In addition to all of the above I’m a keen mountain biker, and this is why Loztrails will work. Mountain biking is a big part of my life, its great fun and has bonus positive health and social benefits.  I compete in races and ride for fun and fitness while frequenting many of the local tracks on offer around Perth and the Southwest. I’m also a member of the Perth Mountain Bike Club.

Looking Forward

My visions is to provide a local service to build trails that are environmentally sound, long lasting, cater for all levels of experience and, most importantly, are a pleasure to be on.