Lost Happening

Since the last post, we have been doing a lot of work at Mowbray Park Farm.

We have reached the halfway mark for the first major crossing we’ve been working on from the start. Looking at the videos and pictures will show why it has taken so long. Some big rocks have been moved, a lot of treads benched in and the bearers put in place for the bridge.

While waiting for materials for the bridge we have finished the hard part of the second creek area and cut the trail through a grove of trees. Just today we had a good number of power poles delivered by Steve and Terry that will help with one more crossing and possibly a retaining wall for the first crossing. If anyone is able to provide some old sleepers they would be greatly appreciated. ?

The staff at Mowbray Park Farm have been extremely helpful through all of this so far. A test ride with one of the property owners was very well received and helped to fine-tune some sections of the trail.

Feedback from test riders so far has been positive and used to modify some areas. There is still a bit of work to do but we are almost there!